The ANDROMEDA Splinter – a mythical conspiracy
September 20th 2015


Writer, researcher and broadcaster Júlio Mendes Rodrigo is a votary of Fragmentary Wisdom and a devout of the Knowledge transmitted through the interacting shards that make up the art of quotation. ANDRÓMEDA – Management & Production, the entity he currently administers, usurps its name from the shackled-up princess of pagan Antiquity, with the intent of embodying a creative device for mythical epiphanies. The author is willing to admit that the “science of legend” is the “science” of circular motion, always at the same distance, around an inaccessible centre: Myth.
Through his intermedia reading, Júlio Mendes Rodrigo extends his invitation to an immersion in the depths of Nigredo, so as to sink into the unknown raptures of the Psychology of the Abyss, the realm of Unconscious Memory governed by transfigured Forms.

Júlio Mendes Rodrigo

Ana Carvalho

Nocturnal Emissions

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