Alessandra Eramo + HystericalOneManOrchestra no CCOP

A Memória Inconsciente das Formas Transfiguradas está de volta, desta vez com Alessandra Eramo e HystericalOneManOrchestra. Tal como tem sido usual neste ciclo, o desafio é lançado no sentido das apresentações culminarem num momento único e singular.
A MIdFT é um espaço onde se privilegia uma escuta atenta e focalizada das sonoridades electrónicas nas suas distintas vertentes. A componente visual, bem como a relação com o lugar e a audiência são vectores estruturais para se pensarem as performances apresentadas ao longo das várias edições.

Segunda-feira, 25 Abril de 2016 às 17h 
Circulo Católico de Operários do Porto
Rua Duque de Loulé, nº202, 4000-324 Porto, Portugal

Fantastic work. (…) Sounds almost like a musique concrète collage made from Folkways LP about the removal of the larynx. But it’s not!
The Wire (UK)

Alessandra Eramo

Alessandra Eramo (IT/Berlin), Solo for Voice and Electronics

For her solo performance for voice and electronics, Alessandra Eramo creates a collage of extended vocal techniques, and urban and industrial soundscapes. In an immersive performance, she interweaves her voice and sound poetry eruptions, to move beyond the sound into more visceral layers of poetic expression through a dynamic use and manipulation of prerecorded sonic material, voices and unknown languages, field recordings, as well as theremin, magnetic tapes, and contact microphones.
Alessandra Eramo is a sound artist, vocalist, and composer who works primarily with voice and noise. She creates performance pieces, text-sound compositions, videos, drawings and site-specific installations, investigating the tension between vocality and writing, the phonetics, the physicality and trance-like states in singing. Her artistic production focuses on the juxtaposition between pleasure and disturbance, fragility and power, memory and the present, public space and intimacy. Gaining international recognition, she has performed and exhibited widely at festivals, museums, galleries, theatres and independent art spaces, among others: FLUSSI Media Arts Fesival Avellino, PACT Zollverein Essen, Museum FLUXUS+ Potsdam, Harvestworks New York, Liverpool Biennial 2012, Padiglione Italia nel Mondo – 54th Venice Biennale.
Co-founder of “Corvo Records – vinyl & sound art production” where she released  her solo LP Come ho imparato a volare, and the 7” Roars Bangs Booms in 2014, based on the onomatopoeic words from the Futurist Manifesto “The Art of Noises” by Luigi Russolo. Collaborations with acclaimed composers, artists and performers include Tomomi Adachi, Seiji Morimoto, Doug Van Nort, Marta Zapparoli. In 2015 she is vocal performer for the video work by Maria Iorio & Raphael Cuomo, which is exhibited at the 56th Venice Biennale – Fondazione Querini Stampalia.
She’s member of the group, “Errant Bodies Sound Art Space” in Berlin, where she lives and works.


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