Locked Grooves

German power-electronics / noise / post-industrial outfit by DCS, around since 2003. Also runs the labelsApocalyptic Radio & The Tourette Tapes.

A  British character, who immerses himself into the darker regions of sound exploring, a very real future that world may someday face. He resides in a dystopian land and communicates his message through long since forgotten objects from our present. The message communicates the need to change the way we live as a society and to explore a more natural path leaving behind the unnecessary technology, we continue to manufacture for consumerism and destructive purposes.Using a mixture of raw materials and constructed instruments I am able to create an unnerving soundscape both intense and atmospheric. It focuses on the individuals struggle in a dehumanised environment combining the acoustic and digital worlds.

Filipe Silva, musician from HHY &The Macumbas and part of SOOPA Collective, presents his solo project HOMO/ Hysterical One Man Orchestra.

Pedro Rocha (DJ set)
Music and sound art curator for the annual performing arts program of the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art.

Poster by Ana Carvalho (image: François-Louis Schmied).



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